Creepy Things

The Mary Lou Heard Foundation’s meetings have begun again after a couple of months of Summertime rest to enjoy our families, our own gardens and essentially, just take a break from the busyness of that “last May push.”   Can you believe we have over twenty ‘newbie’ hosts who have volunteered their gardens for 2020???

In our planning, one of the things we ‘generally’ try to do is to entertain you with a monthly gardening-related article to keep in touch and share.  And, well this month I volunteered…

The MLHF Board of Directors has been meeting for many years.  We have gotten to know each other very well.  Can I say I have some “dirt” on all of them???   Well, they certainly can say that of me.  After all, we ARE REAL GARDENERS!!!

I am a collector, a hunter and gatherer, and believe it to be in my DNA.  For many, many years, I’ve visited yard sales, flea markets and confess to having done a ‘stint’ of dumpster diving.  It is amazing to see how things can be reused/up-cycled and take on another life for which they were not manufactured for.  For me, it is fun to try to get into the minds of those ‘artists’ who find new ways to use and/or stage their finds.  Here’s a for instance:  visualize an old non-working manual typewriter now being used as a container for a collection of succulent plants—it was actually a full two-page spread in a designer magazine!

Some of my good friends are long-time hunters “likeme.”  One of them is “Jennifer”.  Jennifer says she likes “Creepy Things” and “unlike me” she scours for quirky treasures that are cleverly used to decorate for the season and with what I’d say are “head shaking” displays throughout her home and garden.

For the Fall and Halloween Season, things such as doll heads, dental implants, and flower frogs that are used as “beds of nails” are lovingly displayed in vintage apothecary jars along with the requisite candy corn throughout her dining and kitchen serving areas.  Yes, jaw-dropping and visitors beware—don’t leave your jaw open for too long!
Jennifer is a poet, an absolute stunning records keeper, among other things, and serves as the Secretary of the MLHF.  As well, she and hubby “Steve” were garden hosts in our recent 2019 garden tour.  

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