Your Donation is a free-will offering. No price will ever be put on viewing the gardens.

We humbly ask that you let your heart dictate what you give. Net proceeds collected at the tour and through online donations go directly to the Sheepfold, a shelter for women in crisis and their children. The Sheepfold depends solely on private people such as ourselves and needs our support.

Each garden will have a donation table where you can leave cash or checks (made out to the Mary Lou Heard Foundation or MLHF). Donate at one home, two homes, or as many as you decide. AND THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

About The Sheepfold

More often than we know, a woman must grab her children and flee in the middle of the night with just the clothes they are wearing. Where can she go at this hour? By morning the children will be tired, hungry… and frightened.

Rebuilding these lives while keeping mother and children together and safe is a monumental task, to say the least. This is The Sheepfold’s mission – in the name of the Lord. They have never turned away anyone in need.

Every little bit counts! Please choose a donation level. You can either donate via credit card or your Paypal account. All donations are made through the safe and secure PayPal portal.