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February Thoughts

The recent "rainy days" provided an opportunity to "cocoon" inside.  Watching the storm clouds arrive through my kitchen window and trying to predict when the sun would shine again was wonderful.  

February is the wettest month for So Cal Coastal gardeners.  I do not mind running around between the raindrops, but cold and wet is no longer a good mixture for this "ole" body.  

February is also one of the busy months for the spring season garden!!!  During this month, we usually finish our pruning tasks, plan, purchase and install (or sometimes rearrange) shrubs, trees and get some bulbs in the ground.  

For rose pruning, I will wait until most of the "wet" season is over and count back by about 55 days (45-55 is a key) from the Garden Tour date to get that "first springtime flush".  This will be the middle of March.  At that time, I will clean all debris and as "icing", lay a thick carpet of compost.  I no longer use any chemicals, so "Dormant Spray" is out; a smothering oil will affect the Monarch butterfly population as well as other busy buzzing visitors.  

This is the season where the House Sparrows, sing-songy Wrens, and Western Bluebirds tangle for nesting territory.  My dear Phoebe now reminds me regularly each morning that it's time for breakfast and a fresh platter of meal worms.  

Eliminating a bit more grass, adding a few more stepping stones for "tag short cuts" with the grandkids, and planting a Pink Melaluca tree in celebration of memories past will be part of the planned activity my garden will experience this month.  Included will be three rose shrubs - my favs are floribunda and shrub varieties filling found space in the sunnier areas.  

As of this writing, we are turning the corner to entering Spring Tour Season.  The Mary Lou Heard Foundation is very excited to be part of 39 open gardens that, like ours is undergoing renewal activity in anticipation of the weekend of May 4 and 5!!!

Created and contributed by Denise Pulley, Vice President of the 
Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour Board

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