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Tucker the Tomato Loving Dog
Tucker the Tomato Eating Dog! Tucker, a black and tan smooth-coated ” miniature” dachshund was my son Shaun’s gift from his grandparents for Christmas 1998. Little did we know that Tucker would forever change the way we grew tomatoes. It all started when a…
To say I live for the Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour could quite possibly be an understatement. The motto “real gardens by real people” is a mantra for me. Throw in Mary Lou’s inspirational personal story, raising money for…
One woman’s vision forever transformed our notion of a garden. So begins the story of Jennie Butchart, who used horse and cart to transfer topsoil to the famous sunken garden at The Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island, Canada. With 55…
Creepy things newsletter October 2019
The Mary Lou Heard Foundation’s meetings have begun again after a couple of months of Summertime rest to enjoy our families, our own gardens and essentially, just take a break from the busyness of that “last May push.”   Can you…
How does your garden grow news letter
Hello to all.  While greeting guests in my vegetable garden I was asked at the garden tour “just how do you propagate your seedlings?”  So I thought I would share the way that’s successful for me.  Most of the items…
Cleaning out my apron pockets, readying my “work attire” for the wash, I came across a handful of water balloons.  In our house, they are “arsenal”!  I am SO READY for summer activities to begin!  The outdoor sink will be…
March 2019 Newsletter That’s what I was looking for. I wanted to do something fun in the garden. A fresh idea. A new spin on something old. Or something completely new and original. Perhaps repurposing an object to give it…
The recent “rainy days” provided an opportunity to “cocoon” inside.  Watching the storm clouds arrive through my kitchen window and trying to predict when the sun would shine again was wonderful.   February is the wettest month for So Cal Coastal…
MLHF President Kathy Ferree and Member at large, Ron Ferree
The seven nicest people you could ever meet.  That’s how I think of the all-volunteer Mary Lou Heard Foundation Board.  They donate hours and hours of time all year round to make the garden tour, on the first weekend in…
Looking for the one special newsletter, here’s a back archive of them all! 08/13/2018 – Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour Newsletter – July/August 201806/01/2018 – Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour Newsletter – June 201805/06/2018 – Need Help TODAY…
It’s hard to believe this garden is just over a year old. They aren’t many gardens that can be ‘garden tour ready’ so soon.  Although MLHMGT garden host Marcia Kaufman has done just that and has transformed this spacious lot into her…

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