You might be lucky enough to spy a fairy in the raised fairy garden village...

Welcome to Cindie & Bob’s Americana-themed cottage-style garden which has three separate garden areas for their green thumbs to dig in. The very front consists of a small succulent garden, climbing red Mandevilla, as well as a Dynamite Redcrepe myrtle amongst lavender, hydrangea, and agapanthus. Come through the gate into the courtyard very quietly and you might be lucky enough to spy a fairy in the raised fairy garden village.

Each year there is something new blooming along with the roses! It may be sweetpeas, sunflowers, or hollyhocks guarded by the snail statues inherited from Cindie's mom’s garden and collection of vintage watering cans. Come through the next gate and you’ll find the rosegardens (two regular and one miniature) as well as more fairy communities (from the sea, through to La Paws Dog Park, and ending in Long Dog Campground).

If you take a peek behind Bob’s grill area, you’ll find gnomes both at work and at play. Keep your eyes peeled for Peep and Heinrich, as well as for Harley and Chuck (not so miniature doxies) who keep their owners’ garden free from those pesky squirrels!

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

24432 Diamante, Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Wheelchair Access  100%