This garden is full of surprises and color, scents, and beauty!

This half-acre garden rises to the height of four stories. It has been terraced and filled with individual seating areas set into small retreats. The garden has several “microclimates”, so Cathy tried to be creative in designing it over the past 22 years.

The bottom of the hill is overflowing with roses, annuals, and trees.
This cottage style is set in a verdant, green, flat area that leads you on pathways and stairs to the beginning of the hill. As you ascend, sages take over, along with small trees. There is a small meadow with stone sheep, several arbors, and other vintage railings scattered throughout the area.

A “glass garden” fills a small area that never gets enough water, and over 500 wine bottles are used for edging another area. The hill is home to many birdhouses and birdbaths, ensuring lots of feathered visitors.

The top of the hill was a perfect place to plant a succulent garden, and it has grown like crazy. Red hot Firesticks muscle up to agaves and Matilija Poppies. Bright yellow Palo Verde Trees share the top of the hill with Olive trees. This part of the garden is bursting with amazing colors that rival the roses down the hill.

This garden is full of surprises and color, scents, and beauty!

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

27391 Lost Trail Dr, Laguna Hills, CA, USA

No handicap access