Rose Cottage With A Few Types of Hydrangeas Mixed In…

This cottage garden is a little salute to England with niches, woven vines, and covered arbors. The copper-capped picket fence was painted black to showcase plantings, a device used in many English planting beds.

Typically, small Southern California tract homes need height for interest and this one has Eden and Cecil Brunner climbing roses, wisteria arbors, and shady beds of Hydrangea varietals. Unusual trees, such as a pineapple guava, fruitless pear and a pinkball (dombeya wallichi) also give the garden a larger appearance.

To decorate a neighbor’s garden wall, an espalier of dwarf Fuji apple trees was planted and is reminiscent of old Europe. The theme is repeated in the rear garden with dwarf Asian Pears interlaced with grape vines on a stone garden wall. Flagstone pathways surround the yard, which is punctuated by a variety of ground covers and a row of lime trees in the rear garden.

Editor’s Note: This quaint garden is a must-see!

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

6301 Vatcher Dr., Huntington Beach, CA, USA

Wheelchair Access  75%