You will find a succulent paradise.

The front yard includes a small lawn with a curving border. Beyond the border are thousands of jade cuttings of various shades of red, yellow, and green; four types of mature palm trees; succulents & cacti of diverse colors and textures; asparagus ferns; sticks on fire; variegated shrubs; and other water-friendly plants.

In the back, there is no grass. Instead, you will find a succulent paradise. There are two seating areas upon river rock which are bounded by a wandering flagstone path extending to the side of the house and the rear of the yard.

There are treasure boxes and ribbons of succulents, each telling its own story. At the base of a mature ficus is a large octopus rendering with carefully placed stones of alternating colors. Finally, silver carpet and attic treasures dot the yard, adding areas of interest everywhere.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

17202 Cobra Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Wheelchair Accessible except for two 6" steps