Birds and butterflies love this place -- we hope you do too!

Bolen’s Cottage welcomes you with bright flowers and undulating walks of brick and stone bordered by split-rail fences. At the front door, there’s a courtyard replete with vines, roses and a fairy garden. The property features an English garden look with a wide variety of flowers and an array of critters (i.e. pretend critters). One real critter will probably make herself available, Abby Rose (their Wheaten Terrier) is the official greeter–they have to control her to keep her from helping you out of your car. There are swings in the backyard covered with bower vines and which are inviting to young and old alike. You will find beautiful shades of amaryllis and a variety of clematis. Helen always says, the Queen of the Garden is their spider lily. Birds and butterflies love this place—Helen and Denny hope you will too!

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

8761 La Zana Ct
Fountain Valley, CA, 92708.

Wheelchair Access:  100%