Jena and Frank’s garden is an example of two completely different gardening styles…cottage in the front and tropical in the back.

The only commonality between the 2 areas is that all existing lawns were removed before the planting began over 8 years ago. The front is an ever-evolving cottage garden using every available space for hundreds of perennials and annuals. It is also home to many butterfly and bird species and is, in fact, a certified wildlife habitat. Walk through the side gate, past the kitchen garden full of veggies and herbs, and arrive in the tropics! Here you will find a very large koi pond surrounded by lush plantings, including rare philodendrons, begonias, and Hoyas. 

Meandering paths take you to a seating area with an outdoor fireplace and wood-burning pizza oven, all under the shade of a 65-year-old alder tree. Around the other side, take a peek at the pergola-covered potting and a propagating area built by Frank for Jena. Expect to find surprises awaiting you around every corner!

Editor’s Note: This is a must-see!

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

11491 Wembley Road
Rossmoor 90720

Access: 40%