Roger's Garden 2018 CA friendly garden contest winner.

The yard is now 2 years old after undergoing a complete makeover. The front yard features a CA friendly landscape with beautiful florals throughout the year.
The walkway is lined with iceberg roses inviting guests to enter a front seating area which features potted succulents and interesting garden apparel.
The backyard features a pool and spa with landscape plants winding through the yard and into another seating area and side yard with another beautiful water feature.
Throughout the yards are apple, lemon, orange, mandarin orange and guava trees as well as other edibles and ornamentals. Yoga bunnies, Mooney Looney, fairies and other artwork abound. Birds, bees and butterflies abound, attracted to friendly plants, water and feeders.

MUST SEE!! PLEASE do not park in front of house or mailboxes.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

6621 Horseshoe Ln., Huntington Beach, CA, USA

100% handicap accessible