The backyard kitchen garden has long been a Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Desert in front, dinner in back!” This garden features a beautiful, water-wise xeriscape in the front yard and a productive kitchen garden in back. In front a colorful, rocky streambed conceals a French drain to recapture rain runoff and return it to the soil. Granite paths wind among gentle berms covered with bee-loved sage, salvias, agaves, buckwheat, cacti, and graceful grasses.

The organic kitchen garden is also a Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. Raccoons, possums and squirrels give Laurie the finger every day as they happily sample peaches, apricots, figs, persimmons, lemons and bananas off the fruit trees. Wild box turtles and a tortoise also enjoy this space, particularly the strawberries. Magellan, Traveller, Speedy and Abigail mate (loudly!); dig nests and lay eggs (Laurie has video), and baby turtles hatch. Cheap and easy vertical-gardening techniques also help maximize vegetable beds.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

2306 San Anseline Ave, Long Beach, CA, USA
Not Handicap accessable