Margie's Garden is filled with surprises in every corner

When Scott and Margie bought their house in 2002, the backyard was a large patch of grass. Margie became passionate about gardening (after attending a few garden tours!), and she decided she wanted to create her own garden sanctuary.

In 2010. They had all the lawn removed, and the soil sifted. With a blank canvas before her, Margie started to create. She worked on one vignette at a time, not really knowing what the next section would become. Margie gave herself one year to complete her garden. However, she quickly learned a garden is never really complete. It's always changing!

Margie's Garden is filled with surprises in every corner. You will find repurposed items - rustic, vintage, and antique. Stepping stone pathways lead to different garden rooms: a room with colorful flowers and vine-covered arbors; another with a birdbath, bird houses, and water fountains; and even a white-picket-fenced room. There are no rules in the garden! You will also be greeted by birds and butterflies! Scott says he is the “hired help.” He explains, “I only prune and dig what and when she tells me.”

Margie's and Scott's greatest joy is sharing their garden with others and they are excited to welcome all of you.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

14536 San Feliciano Dr., La Mirada, CA, USA

No handicap access