Five separate gardens capture the different types of plants.

Feeling the curb appeal for the home was unfriendly, Mikki designed the current iteration of her front landscape. Building a rounded entry way to the home added a more welcoming appeal.

Working with the criteria specified by the Long Beach Lawn to Garden program, she had all the grass removed, reconfigured her entrance, added a border wall to create a friendly, comfortable courtyard. She planted drought tolerant, California native plants, focusing on bee, butterfly and hummingbird-friendly varieties.

Five separate gardens capture the different types of plants. In Mikki’s succulent garden, several varieties of echeveria grow, as well as Sticks of Fire, jades, and aloes. Another garden flowers with aromatics like lavender and sage to attract and support bees and butterflies. In the native plants garden, butterfly bushes and hot lip sages mingle with other drought tolerant plants. Pond lilies and water cabbage dwell in the water garden.

Mikki invites you to her garden, where natives and visitors alike, are welcome.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

3411 Brayton Av, Long Beach, CA, USA .

75% handicap accessible