Come enjoy the wonder of it all!

Hummingbirds and butterflies, fairy gardens, and whimsy all combine to give this garden a sense of joy and wonder.  Angel trumpets, hydrangeas, roses, and sages all blend in with antiques, old pots, and wagons.  The momma bunnies are having a tea party with their babies in antique buggies under the chandelier topped with a brilliant pink climbing Eden rose. Fancy headboards line the fences to hold back the long rose branches.  Continue on your journey to the succulents’ area called “Gone to Pot.”  Then under an archway is the Fairyland Village, and next door is “Boot Hill” with old cowboy boots filled with succulents. Queen’s Wreath makes its purple show covering the patio. Milkweed sprouts wherever it wants to keep the Monarchs coming back, while the passion fruit vine raises Gulf fritillary butterflies. A favorite resting spot is in the gazebo watching the birds and listening to the waterfall.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

19 Hidden Creek
Laguna Hills 92653

Access: 100%