The garden seems to transport you to another place and time

It takes a leisurely visit to appreciate all that has been created in this garden. Besides garden rooms and paths that split, taking you in various directions, there is also a special feeling to this garden. Entering the gate, it is surprisingly tranquil, but there’s another feeling that is almost "magical”. The garden seems to transport you to another place and time, your own inner child starts to emerge, and you delight in the wonders of the whimsical details surrounding you.

Many features of the garden were made by the gardener, Sue, herself.  Gnomes hanging from potted succulents welcome you on a sunny path, while another path can lead past playing elves to the fern garden surrounding a garden of miniatures. 

There are no rules, you choose what path you want to take.  Sue personally loves finding the herb garden and all the red doors hidden there. A whimsical display of gnomes and fairies, complete with surprising details, is scattered throughout the garden. It’s guaranteed there will be things you miss your first time through. 

This is a very special garden. Come for a visit, and you too will believe gnomes and fairies dance in the moonlight.  

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

6132 Shawnee Rd, Westminster, CA, USA .

20% handicap accessible