She loves to play in the dirt. He can build anything his imagination can think of. And they both can’t pass up a project! 

Step through the side gate and into a pea gravel-pathed vegetable and herb garden complete with a compost bin, an automated greenhouse, and a brand-new rose pergola. Out back, you pass an “art wall” and find your way into an outdoor living room.

The pergola wall unit is ever-changing and a fun new place to decorate for each holiday. Take a look at the unique chandelier in the patio cover, and you will see the exact spot where hummingbirds have built 6 consecutive nests.

Tillandsia is the new pet plant that is finding its way into little hidden spots and is the focal point of the new water feature. The multi-trunked jacaranda is so loved that when it started pulling up the planter wall and patio, it was time to get a new planter wall and patio!

There are little mini gardens, including jungle and Asian-inspired ones. Walk through the arbor to the “orchard” featuring vertical hanging succulent pockets and complete your tour through a secret garden.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

2527 E. Whidby Lane.
Anaheim 92806

Access: 50%