This garden brings the Simons so much joy, and they are happy to be sharing it with you.

This English Tudor home was built in 1929.  When you visit today, you will see a much different front & back yard than when it was purchased in 1990 (make sure to ask to see the before pictures!). When you walk up the cottage-style paved driveway, be sure not to miss the staghorn fern that is growing outside the kitchen window - it is one of many staghorn ferns that can be found throughout the property. The largest of the collection is in the backyard up in the Ficus tree.

Originally the backyard had only an orange tree and a bougainvillea bush, nothing more!  As you will see, it is quite different now with the white picket fences, a stand-alone brick patio, a pergola, recycled windows, and a water fountain. Hung on the walls and stuck up in the trees are several varieties of Tillandsias & Bromeliads. Their newest “baby” in the front yard is the Mayten Tree which resembles a weeping willow and was very difficult to find.

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

1310 N. Louise St
Santa Ana 92706

Access: 80%