Roses, Roses, Roses!

What’s the First Thing You Think of When Someone Mentions Valentine’s Day? Why ROSES of course!

Your MLH board members were invited to join the Orange County Rose Society (OCRS) this past Saturday at the Richard Nixon Library and Museum to prune the rose beds in their gorgeous gardens! These roses are part of the First Lady's rose garden. We were so honored to participate in this wonderful experience.

Our fearless leader Jennifer (who is also a member of OCRS), along with Autumn, Laura, Sarah, and myself met with Kathy, the president of OCRS, for a quick but thorough training on how to prune a rose correctly and to the specifications of the Nixon Library and Museum’s Garden caretaker. 

We donned gauntlets (super duty gloves with long suede sleeves for puncture protection) and our handy dandy pruners, and off we went to get the roses ready for their Spring Debut!

Only one of us has prior experience pruning roses, but even she learned some new tricks and tips! We learned to prune a bit and then stand back and take a look. Walking around the plant and taking note of any cane trying to REACH out to snag an unaware passer-by. Removing any canes crossing each other and taking off any cane less than a pencil diameter in thickness. Pruning off any suckers and dead canes and then stripping off all the leaves to prevent mildew, black spots, and the dreaded RUST!

The weather was perfect! As we worked, we were serenaded by a music school with very adorable young musicians and singers performing for their friends and families.

It’s amazing how many plants and beds the five of us were able to do!

Do you know what is even more amazing? The 2023 MLH Memorial Garden Tour will have 43 gardens for you to visit this year!

Save the dates - May 6th and 7th. Its only 94 days away!

Yours truly,

Cindie Reilly,
MLH Board Member

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