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What are YOU doing this Summer?

Cleaning out my apron pockets, readying my "work attire" for the wash, I came across a handful of water balloons.  In our house, they are "arsenal"!  I am SO READY for summer activities to begin!  The outdoor sink will be in full swing, used for filling balloons to be tossed to (and thrown at) each other.  

The kids will be over more.  The younger grandson now has a "big" bike equipped with a basket, which he is balking at.  I promised that it would be camouflaged and am currently sewing a liner/cover with a digital canvas print.  HELLO!!!  We need the extra trunkage for bicycling to the beach.  The plan is to weigh his bike down so that our race home will provide me more efficiency and less drag...  I kinda already know who will be waiting with that silly "I won" grin when I finally turn the corner - they seem to get faster and stronger all the time!

We will be grilling our meals more, with the patio serving as our dining room now that "June Gloom" has begun to dissolve.  "Older" grandson is learning the fine skill of grilling.  He has done some pretty good chicken, a 'chewy' butterfly-cut turkey breast, and by his "tell all" non-poker face is enjoying the "in charge" responsibility.  So glad!

Recently, I face-painted at a Pre-K carnival celebration.  I am very rusty and was hoping that I wouldn't have to do any unicorns.  THE FIRST KID IN LINE ASKED FOR A UNICORN - erghhh!  My face painting kit will stay on the dining room table during these months and I promise to get a BETTER version of a white rainbow-y horse with a horn on a little kid's forehead!  So far, my attempts closely represent a sea horse.  I have been told by several local know-it-all 5-year olds that I have the "right" unicorn colors.  Poof glitter is the face painting cure-all!  Sweaty grandkids will serve as my guinea pigs, so to speak.  

A very near term-goal is to comb through the attic for the telescope that hasn't seen the light of day for as long as we've been in this house.  We will be looking at a star guide to see what's up and maybe even drive out to the desert to view the night sky - I've come across a couple of websites for this endeavor already.  

As of this writing, I am also thinking of developing a "Are We There Yet?/This is boring..." graph to hang on the fridge with "the prize" going to The Most Squeaky Wheel just before school is back in session.  The prize will be for "Slave Time" owed to grandma - BOY, I AM ALREADY THINKING OF WHAT THINGS NEED TO BE DONE AROUND HERE!!!

Whatever you have planned, whatever surprises occur during these months, enjoy!!!  And don't forget, a little poof of glitter always helps!!!

Happy Summer!!!

From the MLHF!!!

Written by: Denise Pulley, Mary Lou Heard Board of Directors Member

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