Their backyard is like a little piece of Mother Nature, to enjoy all its splendor and beauty.

A few years ago, the city offered a rebate to homeowners to “water-wise” their yards by removing half of their lawn, replacing old sprinklers with low water efficiency sprinklers, and using drip irrigation. After 30 years of always wanting to landscape their front lawn, this was the Bates’ perfect opportunity to do just that, as well as make their backyard water wise.

Michelle planned everything from laying out the design, to picking out the water wise plants, choosing the color scheme, and installing outdoor lighting. She had the contractor do the work, but Michelle placed every plant and tree where she liked it.

The Bates’ backyard is like a little piece of Mother Nature--a place to enjoy all of nature’s splendor and beauty. Michelle has created her own country garden with several fruit trees and berry bushes. She loves making delicious jams with the fruit and cooking with the vegetables and herbs she grows.

The garden expresses Michelle’s love for horses, her enjoyment of watching birds, and her imagination, as seen in the little fantasy of her miniature gardens. Now be sure to walk across the street to visit neighbor Miriam Johnson’s garden too! It’s a “Two for One” in this neighborhood-one parking spot, two gardens!

Garden Location & Information

Address / Access

14821 Ridgeboro Pl
Tustin, CA 92780

Wheelchair Access: 75%