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Bluebirds, Bunnies and Blooms

It’s hard to believe this garden is just over a year old. They aren’t many gardens that can be ‘garden tour ready’ so soon.  Although MLHMGT garden host Marcia Kaufman has done just that and has transformed this spacious lot into her dream garden and home.

Starting from a blank canvas is every gardener’s dream. This corner lot with a spacious front and back garden was ready to be transformed.

Around every corner there’s something new to see. She blended drought tolerants, roses and foxgloves in this spot to create a cutting garden. Lots of places for your eyes to settle softly and enjoy.

The fuchsia blooms on this gophrena caught my eye as I walked to the back garden.  Marcia uses them as cut flowers as they last a long time.

Marcia made sure she has utilized every possible piece of her property. On the other side of her ranch style fence she removed the grass and planted a tapestry of drought tolerant plants, breath of heaven and lavender which looks established as if it’s been there for years.  Not a bad view for the golfers either!

Then there was this view.  A green backdrop to frame this modern cottage garden. She added the fencing to frame the garden, with plants and flowers tucked in and around to soften it up.

You’ll also find lots of friends in her garden.  The bluebirds pirched on the wires chirp to remind her they are hungry (she feeds them mealy worms everyday).    She said the bunnies like to congregate in her garden too.

And sure enough, as I was leaving, these little guys were basking in the sun to bid me farewell.

After visiting this garden one would think Marcia is a professional landscaper, but she’s just like us…a real gardener in her real garden.

There’s so much more to see in this garden but I don’t want to spoil the surprises. Make sure to visit Marcia’s garden on our garden tour this year!

-Contributed by MLHMGT Board Member Alex Anderson

Contributed by MLHMGT Board Member Alex Anderson

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