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15 Reasons to Attend the Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour

It’s that time of year again! And we are so excited about the wonderful gardens this year. They are a real treat!

15. Community – This tour brings our community together.  Grandparents, neighbors, kids all are welcome to enjoy this nature infused weekend!

14. Blood, sweat and tears – The garden tour hosts work for months (even all year) to have their gardens looking their best for the tour.\]

13. Sharing – Gardeners share, it’s what we do best.  Seeing someone’s face light up at the sight of a beautiful plant or scent of a flower gives us complete satisfaction.  We love to talk about our ideas and hope you steal them!

12. Learn – For those wanting to start a garden, the garden hosts are happy to share their advice and the basics of how they started their gardens

11. The Ferree family garden is a must see every year.  A picture perfect garden, make sure you plan to spend time lots of time here.

10. Stop and Smell the Roses – In our fast paced lives, how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to spend a day or even the weekend enjoying trees, plants and flowers of all kinds throughout our own community.

Mary Lou Heard

9. Gardening Health Benefits (as listed from AARP):  Exposure to Vitamin D, decrease risk of dementia, mood-boosting benefits, enjoyable aerobic exercise and helps combat loneliness.  Enough said.

8. Gardening is for all ages – Parents spending time in the garden with their little ones connects them to nature and teaches them where our food comes from.  A priceless learning experience.

7. Surprises – Each year we have new gardens on the tour, be sure to check out our tour guide with the new listings.

6. Mother Earth – Spending time with her brings calmness, faith and hope into our lives.

5. Art – Gardeners are truly artists.  So if you appreciate a brilliant palette of spring colors, blossoms and blooms, you’ll love the tour.

4. Aromatherapy – With so many flowers in bloom this time of year, all you need to do is breathe while walking through the gardens to enjoy and appreciate nature’s fragrances.

3. Giving Back – Net proceeds collected from the tour go directly to the Sheepfold, a shelter for women in crisis and their children.

2. Inspiration – Gardeners loves to share their ideas.  You’ll get plenty of design ideas and tips for your own garden.

1. In memory of Mary Lou Heard – For over 20 years, garden tour guests honor Mary Lou and her legacy of leaving our community this treasure, the tour. 

2018 Contributed by Alex Anderson
MLHMGT Board Member

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No price will ever be put on viewing the gardens. Let your heart dictate and let those who can dig down deep. Each home will have a donation table. Cash or checks will be gratefully accepted.

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