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March 2019 Newsletter

That's what I was looking for. I wanted to do something fun in the garden. A fresh idea. A new spin on something old. Or something completely new and original. Perhaps repurposing an object to give it a new life.

The dictionary says "in-spi-ra-tion: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative." Boy did I have the creative bug! Perhaps all the rain keeping me indoors had given me cabin fever. Today, however, was a beautiful blue sky day.

A walk about the garden showed me signs of spring everywhere. There was new life unfurling it's leaves to drink in the sunshine a'plenty. Oh! Oh! Oh! Springtime! It was time to plant those nasturtiums - the mounding variety in "buttercream." Check.

I've always wanted to plant an herb garden in a wheelbarrow. Check. How about repurposing that birdcage with a fresh coat of paint and some "Harmony White" begonias. Check. And it just wouldn't be springtime without a new swirly fairy garden. That's what I could use that giant cloche for that I couldn't resist from the nursery! Check.

As I surveyed my projects while sipping some sun tea - exhausted, but happy - I realized - wait! I still need to find the perfect home for the ornamental kale. Phew! I wonder what inspiration will hit me tomorrow?

Written by: Jennifer McInteer, who is the secretary of the Mary Lou Heard Board of Directors, is our writer this month.

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