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Start a Family Tradition with Living Grass Easter Baskets

I promise you’re going to love this DIY garden project.  A co-worker taught me this easy and oh so adorable “live” basket idea more than 20 years ago.  I think the result of these five simple steps elevates the Easter basket to an enchanting creation.  The list of ingredients is simple:  wheat grass seed, potting soil, aluminum foil, and a basket. 

Step One:  Choose your basket (or other container).  The wheat grass will be happiest with at least  two inches of soil for it’s roots.  I would say a basket that is 4 to 5 inches deep is the ideal – however, creativity is encouraged.

Step Two:  Line the basket with aluminum foil.  I used an “X” technique to get foil up all sides of the basket-meaning I used two long pieces of foil that crossed over each other like an “X.”  You don’t really want foil showing on the finished product, so I suggest folding the edges at least ½ inch below the lip of the basket.

Step Three:  Grab that bag of potting soil out of the shed and fill up your basket to just about an inch below the foil. 

Step Four:  Lay down a sheet of wheat grass seed (you can purchase this on Amazon).  I was extremely generous with the seed and completely covered the soil.   Next cover the seed with a layer of soil.  I experimented with a very thin cover of soil in one basket and an inch of soil in another basket.  I honestly can’t tell the difference on the finished product.  I suggest keeping the basket in a place safe from birds and other garden friends.  I put mine on my back patio where they got partial sun.

Step Five:  Mist soil thoroughly every day.  My darling hubby spent 30 minutes cleaning out an old glass cleaner bottle for me.  When I went outside to fill it up with water I discovered the trigger on my hose nozzle has a “mist” setting that works perfectly (shhh don’t tell him).

Voila! In one week you will get grass shoots.  In two weeks you’ll have a nice, thick, tall living grass Easter baskets.  Continue to mist daily and here’s where the real fun begins!  Some baskets were so cute with their tall green grass I left them au-natural and simply added Easter decorations.  Other baskets I trimmed with scissors or shears to give me a nice lawn to add décor too.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, you could buy a 4-inch pot of wheat grass in the pet aisle of the grocery store and put it in a basket.  I think this “cheat” would work very well with the right sized basket or other receptacle.  I also encourage creative containers.  I tried an old tool box tray and think it came out smashingly.  Flea markets and thrift stores provide wonderful inspiration.  I hope you are compelled to grow your own Easter baskets and enjoy a tisket, a tasket, a live grass basket – you’ll never be satisfied with excelsior again.

Created and contributed by Jennifer from the
Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour Board

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